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Made in Rhode Island



Owner & Pepper Head Deja Hart came to love hot sauce while growing up in Southern California. Her true love of hot peppers began when she became the executive chef at a boutique Thai and Indonesian fusion restaurant in Manhattan Beach California where she worked with two wonderful Thai ladies.


Upon moving to Rhode Island, Deja's red headed husband Karsten (hence "Rhed's) started a pepper garden in their backyard. Each year, the pepper varieties that they planted became more unique, thus spurring on Deja's goal to create the most flavorful, well balanced hot sauces.


Made with peppers and vegetables sourced seasonally from local Rhode Island Farms including: Brandon Family Farm, Lucky Foot Ranch and Chris & Kristina's Market Garden.

What makes our sauces unique:

  1. The chili mash in all of our sauces is fermented for over two weeks before combining with the other ingredients (like changing boring cabbage into delicious sauerkraut but with peppers!).  

  2. We use lots of fresh vegetables in our sauces (no garlic or onion powders). We take the time to roast fresh garlic, peel and chop onions, carrots, etc...) to create fresh, flavorful, well balanced sauces. 

  3. No Gums or Fillers.  

  4. Layers of flavor, not just heat!

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